• COVID Antigen Tests 

• COVID Antibody Tests

• COVID Equipment for Professional Use

• Robust testing is an essential aspect of preparedness and response to the COVID19 pandemic. 

• We offer Antigen-Tests for professional application with a corresponding CE-Certification as well as Antigen-Tests for self-use, also CE-certified. And of course we are able to provide protective clothes and equipment for healthcare workers to prevent them catching coronavirus and other highly infectious diseases.


• Off-market real estate

• Sales and investment

• Brokerage for investors

• Through our global network we are able to offer well sought after off-market properties. Whether you are looking to sell or looking for an investment, we have the right contacts, also for the handling of your transaction.


• Product Conception

• Funding

• Structuring sales channels

• Tokens

• Market Research

• Private Placements 

• In the area of the financial market, we are helping you with all aspects, from developing the concept of your product, assist with partners for funding, getting the right sales channels set up for your. All this is based on our extensive and thorough market research.


• International Consulting

• Global Network

• Company Foundations

• Objective Market Research

• Mapping international financial flows

• We provide classic consulting services on an international scope.

• Planing to create your own company? We are happy to assist you with the details. By providing an objective market research, we make your decision for investment a little simpler and safer




• Coating

• We also branched out in international trading of luxury goods

• And more…